Skater Shoe Cockcrush with Luna 2 – HD

Clip-Zeit: 14 Minutes Clip-Größe: 426/mb

Luna further stamps with her skater shoes on the cock around, she also turns him as shifted. In between times Luna is quite soft to the cock and rubs him. Luna runs on the place and the cock lies under her. The cock is squashed really under Luna’s skater shoes. Luna steps with her full weight on the poor cock again and again and again. She is beginning now to rub the cock quite strongly so that he gets big and she then stamps with a full weight on this again. Luna runs to and fro after a while again, she does not look down, she meets the cock with her skater shoes no matter how. She turns quite slowly in the circle and squashes the cock with both feet again. The cock really is tormented until the end under Luna’s skater shoes. He gets to feel the full weight and the full force. She now finally delivers the cock from his pains, she rubs the cock with her shoes until he comes, when it happens, she disappears still more strongly on the cock. 1280×720 HD

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