22-mp4-Daddy gets into my pants. Standard Def

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Heres a RECKLESS REALITY story from the other night when I talked to Vic the other night over some beers, he was telling me how tight his little girls pussy was. I know how true that is since I fuck her all the time too. So Vic basically told Jezebel that he saw her boyfriend with some other bitch, and oh-boy, did Jezebel fall for it. Next thing you know, Vic was saying how he basically got her to the bed and started to EAT that PUSSSSYYYYYYYY! He never thought it was that SWEET and MOIST of a Pussy! I did!!! Daddy took her all the way. Her sweet MOANS, her SCREAMS and just the thrusting of Daddy’s long HARD shaft in his little girl’s Pussy makes it all so special. But here’s the kicker, Vic told me that he was just messing with her. She’s just like her momma, STUPID to believe what ever we tell her. I hear you on that!Best part is that this STUPID bitch keeps falling for the same punishment from all her friends as well, but that’s another time!

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