Powerful Heels crushing Small balls WMV

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 167/mb

MuMMy is going to teach Junior a good hard lesson. She is going to show Junior who is boss once and for all. MuMMy slides Juniors naughty balls between her powerful heels and her wooden leopard mules. You are trapped under my heels now, says MuMMy. She pumps with her heels and grinds his nuts into the ground. Junior moans in pain as MuMMy backs up and crushes even more of his balls. MuMMy pumps her heels up and down, torturing and squashing his pathetic little balls flat as a pancake. You deserve that, You deserve thatDo What you are told from now on says MuMMy as she presses down one heel and then the other. MuMMy is marching on your balls. Two powerful heels. One on each ball. Junior screams in pain ad MuMMy keeps pressing her full weight down and reminding you how worthless your balls are. You just have a little floppy sack down there now. Junior cries OUCH, OUCH and MuMMy just laughs at hime. You know your place now, dont you. MuMMy stomps down hard. You are trapped under my soles now. You are not going anywhere, not unless I say so. You have to do what you are told from now on or I will crush your balls right off. I dont care if you have any balls at all. I will crush them right off. I will castrate you. You will learn to obey and do what you are told if you want to keep those balls. MuMMy marches and crushes one ball and then the other. One ball at a time. And then pumps both heels at once and grinds them into the ground OUCH MUMMY _278 mummys house of discipline

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