PLEASE DONT GODDESS!!! 2 – The Conclusion MV

Clip Time: 15 Minutes Clip Size: 664/mb

The Cruel Goddess shows disgust with this messed up excuse for a cock and balls! Its red stuff is now on the table, her feet AND her new shoes but now she aims to do even more damage!!! She scrambles his eggs up really good using her heel whisking about in his nutsack trying to BREAK HIS BALL CHORDS causing even more damage to his already useless testicles!!! The Goddess is verbally abusive and carelessly delivers even MORE of the skin slashing kicks with her sharp heels!!! She stands on his balls with one foot and then steps down with the other RIGHT ON THE TIP OF HIS PENIS WITH JUST THE HEEL and starts TWISTING BACK AND FORTH causing it enormous pain but his complaints will not be heard, only muffled outbursts as the poor slave whimpers through his tight fitting ball gag!!!

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