Pinching That Lil Peepee Between My Toes Wmv

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 204/mb

MuMMy walks in and catches Junior touching himself. MuMMy tells Junior she will teach him a lesson by pinching that peepee. MuMMy takes off her hot blue sandals and grabs Juniors lil penis with her toes and pinches it really hard. MuMMy tells Junior she is going to pinch it off. She grabs that penis between her toes and pinches and twists til Junior whines like a little girl. Then MuMMy grabs that peepee head and squeezes it between her toes. Then she crushes that pathetic little thing between her two feet. She tells Junior to never touch that peepee again because it belongs to MuMMy and Junior should never touch MuMMy’s things. Then MuMMy grabs Junior’s balls with her toes and crushes them between her painted blue toes. The she steps down on Junior’s lil testicles and tells Junior he belongs under her toes as she crushes his balls in between the balls of her feet. MuMMy presses her feet together and flattens both balls. MuMMy scolds Junior and tells him what any itty bitty pathetic peepee he has. MuMMy grabs both balls between her feet and presses her soles together. Junior yelps in pain, but MuMMy ignores him and continues to put more and more weight on those little nuts. MuMMy squishes both those balls until they turn into jello. MuMMy pinches those balls between her toes until Junior agrees to obey MuMMy from now on. MuMMy makes those balls flat as a pancake to get her point across to Junior. OUCH!

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