Pathetic Devotion! MV

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 513/mb

The Goddess wears her new White Stiletto Booties that her slave went out and bought for her and so she rewards it by crushing his cock and balls beneath her thick heavy platforms soles! It struggles to cope with the incredible pain but yet still aims to please his Goddess as she seeks to completely destroy his manhood!!! She even steps with full weight pressure right onto his testicles without a care as the slave fears that she will rupture his balls!!! She warns the slave several times that it is not allowed to bled before SLASHING OPEN HIS NUT SAC with some flesh ripping heel kicks!!! She then steps on his battered balls and CRAMS THE THICK STILETTO HEEL DOWN INTO HIS P..HOLE twisting it back and forth with it still lodged in his penis as She degrades it with small penis humiliations!!! Before long there is red stuff all over her new shoes which angers the Goddess even more!!!

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