Flattened By Sandals!!! MV

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 714/mb

The Beautiful Goddess has a new pair of Sandals and the time is now to test them out and with the slave fixed in the t0rture table his cock and balls become the target! She STEPS ALL OVER the helpless manhood then orders it to PUT HIS COCK INSIDE OF HER SHOE!!! Once she has his member TRAPPED UNDER HER FOOT she stands on it with ALL OF HER WEIGHT and there is NO ESCAPE!!! The cock is flattened between her barefoot and her shoe..Then with the other foot she steps directly on his nuts smashing them COMPLETELY FLAT!!! She gives several kicks to his helpless balls and even walks about as if she is unaware of his dick in her shoe!!! Finally she release the penis from her shoe and crush it beneath the hard sole heel of her sandal!!! She rolls his nuts around under her shoes without a care back and forth and his poor grapes looked as if they would burst in the sac!!! The cruel Goddess laughs when SHE FEELS SOMETHING GO POP in his sac and the slave is worried!..she teases it hoping she has caused it permanent damage as she observes one of his nuts immediately start to swell from the abuse!!!additional format available:

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