Vinyl Buckle Boots – Ballbusting Boot Gauntlet

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 424/mb

I found these sexy little vinyl ankle boots in the back of my BSDM closet, and I thought they deserved a chance at winning my Ballbusting Boot Gauntlet. Surely with hard pointed toes, 4 inch heels, and bulky buckles they will be contenders for which of my boots cause the Most Damage to my slave’s pathetic balls.Throughout this clip I show this loser why I am one of the top Ballbusters on the net as I slam these boots into his Nuts over and over again as he begs for mercy. In the end this little worm has the nerve to try and crawl away from the pain, unfortunately for him this only pisses me off so I drag him back and proceed to BOOT him in the Balls from behind as Hard as I can! Bahahaha! Bet he regrets trying to escape this Sadistic Princess because I BROKE HIS BALLS!Your Greatest Addiction,The Sadistic Princess

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