Toilet Seat Punishment

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 715/mb

My latest boy toy Carl was lucky enough to spend the night at my place, but he made a huge mistake when he left my toilet seat up. I call him out on this and demand he apologizes. Hes acting a bit cocky, so I decide I need to teach him a lesson so he wont forget. Dressed in a sexy, lace and fishnet lingerie outfit, its easy for me to seduce him into removing his shorts. He thinks Im going to be nice, but instead I start Busting his BALLS! LOL! He knows Im somewhat of a Dominatrix, and claims hes not into it, but this isnt about him getting pleasure, its about him learning a lesson. So I Kick, Knee, and Stomp his Nuts until he gets the message. I spend a lot of time just holding his sensitive Testicles in the Grip of my Hand and just CRUSHING them as I watch the tear form in his eyes! Then I drive repeated Knees into his Nads, and when he drops to his knees I continue to Kick, Stomp and Grind his Manhood beneath my Foot!Fuck I LOVE being a BALLBUSTER!Feel the POWER!- Electra Steele XOXO

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