Stretched, Hung and Busted – Part 1

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 77/mb

Mandy has her little ball slave shackled and chained to the bed. She begins her session of ball abuse by stretching her slaves scrotum hard to inspect his waiting testicles. This also causes his sack to tighten and better exposes his nuts for her. She then squeezes his nut sack causing his balls to pop up and she tweaks and snaps them hard with her fingers as he jumps and squirms in pain. Then she takes her feet and smashes his nut sack beneath them as his balls bulge to their bursting point. She smashes them hard under and between her feet as he cries out for her to please stop! Then it’s on to hanging his nuts!! She ties his nut sack with a pair of nylons and pulls on them hard as she slaps and smashes his bulging baby makers.

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