Step On IT: Part 2 – Flip Flops Ballbusting

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 434/mb

When slave boy fails to clean my feet and flip flops to my satisfaction I need to PUNISH him for displeasing me. What follows is about 6 minutes of brutal, naked-balled ballbusting as I BUST HIS BALLS with kicks and knees and giggle at his pain. When I notice his cock is getting hard from the abuse it only makes me want to kick HARDER to make that gross thing go away. I LOVE that SMACK of skin against skin as his Nuts go flying into the air with every vicious strike. I’ve includes several sexy angles to capture the best busts for replays and slow motion replays.By the time I’m done this loser is crying on the ground, wishing he had of done a better job at cleaning my flip flops and feet.

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