Standing My Ground…On Your Balls

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 334/mb

A thief has broken in a home in hopes of scoring some jewelry or expensive artwork to pawn off for some quick cash. Unfortunately for him, his scouting went awry and the owner of the home comes marching in to catch him red handed going through her jewelry box! He tries to play it off like he didn’t break in to her house, but Amber has other ideas…. She delivers a swift hard kick to his thieving balls and he crumples to the ground in front of her. She explains that because she feels threatened by his presence she is legally safe to do whatever she wants to him. He tries to run past her but she delivers another devastating blow, crushing his poor nuts into his body. She forces him to strip and continues to bust him over and over again, and the thief begins to grow more and more delirious. She eventually lands a perfect kick to his balls, sending him to the ground for good. She decides to really "stand her ground", right on his balls, crushing them into nothing!

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