Sidney Scarlet Gives Him Painful CBT Full

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 216/mb

Mistress Sidney is continuing to torture her tied up subject. To start she gets out her flogger and viciously swings it into his most sensitive area. She is so happy to see his legs begin to shake uncontrollably. After a short break she gets her pinwheel. She runs it across his cock and then his balls and they burn from the pain of the needles. She giggles with pleasure as he moans in pain. She stands up and looks him in the eye, then knees him four times very rapidly. After a quick break she binds his swollen balls with a parachute. After the weights are fastened she teases him a bit and pulls hiss balls down hard. The delicate cords in his sack are stretched to their limits. This is intense!

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