Sidney Scarlet Clothespins Will Pain Him Full

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 146/mb

His balls are already bruised. Now Mistress Sidney is going to apply as many clothespins as possible to his balls. She starts by clamping a few clothespins on to his sack. His legs start to tremble a little. Then she holds up his cock and hits his balls hard with her other hand. Now he is shaking uncontrollably. She adds more and smacks him around more. She stands up and starts using the strop on him. He screams out as she hits his sack hard. She strokes his cock a little bit to relax him and then beats his pinned balls until a clothes pin falls off. She repeats this until all of them are off. His sack is bleeding by the end. Sidney is very dominant but very sensual.

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