Sharing the Ballbusting Slave

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 321/mb

Bella Rossi is in the mood to kick some testicles with her friend Cheyenne Jewel. She calls her personal ballbusting slave to crawl over to them so they can have their fun. Obediently, the slave stands and spreads its legs allowing the Mistresses to pulverize his balls with accurate kicks to his balls from their sexy high heels. Bella and Cheyenne can’t help but laugh and point out the fact that the slave gets more aroused the more they kick him. They pull his balls behind him and bend his hard cock all the way back between his legs to deliver some ballbusting punches and to crush his balls under the heels of their incredibly strong legs. The slave is so scared he begins to flinch, which results in an extra two kicks per flinch!! Once Bella and Cheyenne have had their fun they send the slave off with purple, swollen balls!

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