SERVE YOUR BALLS UP ON A PLATTER FOR ME! Starring Goddess Lydia Supremacy

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 448/mb

Men are so predictable. They always think with their balls and it always ends up getting them in trouble. Lets admit it, their genitals are their own worst enemy. Having fucked up royally by not getting great seats and back stage passes for Goddess Lydias favorite band concert, Lydia decides an appropriate punishment is to crush and destroy his precious testicles so he never has to think with them again. So to spice things up a bit, Lydia bends him over backwards against the couch, so his cock and ball sack are completely vulnerable and exposed. No possibility of his legs getting in the way, no possibility of missing a direct hit. Talk about serving up his balls on a silver platter for his extremely irritated Goddess. And so once he was in the most vulnerable position ever, Lydia proceeds to kick, stomp and crush his precious family jewels until they are useless to him forever. Think with your brain fool, not your balls!

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