Room Service!

Clip Time: 28 Minutes Clip Size: 158/mb

Sexy Czech pin-up girl Daisy is not impressed when she orders room service and gets a half drank cup of tea instead of the coffee she wanted, and is even less impressed when Matthew tells her she is dressed like a lady of the night! She uses her feminine powers to trick him into undressing for her, and once he is naked she gives his balls a good kicking for his cheek! She makes good use of her sexy over the knee boots and kicks Matthew hard and repeatedly – not only with the toe but also the heel – and gives him a good kneeing too, until Matthew is crying out in pain and rolling around in agony on the floor. This is the hardest busting Daisy has given anyone to date and she takes great pleasure in dishing out the busting to poor Matthews balls, laughing and smiling at his suffering all the while. An excellent video from surely one of the sexiest busters anywhere!

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