Part 2 – Step Sister Shaynes Ballbusting POV

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 709/mb

Part 2 of my Step Sister Ballbusting POV experience only gets more Brutal as you drop to your knees in agony. Just because youre no longer able to stand doesnt mean Im going to stop Kicking you in the Nuts though, in fact as I watch you moan in pain it just makes me go HARDER! I start stepping on your Groin and grinding down on your Balls with my sexy high heeled pumps. Then I decide I will donkey kick you in the Nads as you kneel before me. I think you kinda like the view of my Fishnet-clad Ass in your face as my buns peak out from beneath my super short Wet Look Skirtwhen my heel relentlessly Hammers into your Balls you seem less impressed. BAHAHA!I must admit, Im starting to have a lot of fun Busting my own Step Brothers balls, in fact Im glad you sniffed my shoes and gave me this opportunity to Blackmail you into enduring my little Ballbusting Beatdown. Unfortunately being the weak male you are, you keep trying to block my kicks, which really Pisses me off! I kick you onto your back, once youre laying on the floor I can force even more pressure onto your Nads as I Trample and Stomp your Balls and Kick you while youre down. I agree to let you sniff some more of my shoes in the future, but you have to let me Go HARD on your Balls, and you have to take it even if I dont wanna stop till they POP! Be sure to check out more of Lady Shayne at your Goddess,Lady Shayne

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