Part 1 – Step Sister Shaynes Ballbusting POV

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 938/mb

In this sexy POV Ballbusting custom clip, I get to play the role of the Sadistic Step Sister who catches You, my pervy step brother sniffing my high heel pumps! Youre such a creep! I want to tell my mom on you, but then I realize I can use your little secret fetish as blackmail, so that I can indulge in mine; BALLBUSTING! I mean youre clearly into shoes and feet, maybe youll also be into it when I Kick You in the NUTS!? Nope? Oh well, Im gunna keep going anyway, and you have to stand there and take it or Ill tell my Momin fact maybe Ill tell my mom anyway, I bet shed love a reason to Bust Your Balls too! BAHAHA!In part 1 I string you along and force you to be my boy toy as I repeatedly Kick, Knee, and Grab your Balls as I Humiliate and Tease you in my sexiest of fishnet and wet look outfits. The clip is primarily POV however occasionally it includes alternate angles of my sexiness!Be sure to check out Part 2 over at for more POV Ballbusting action.Worship your Goddess,Lady Shayne

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