Obedience Training

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 382/mb

Cadence is upset with her newly acquired puppy and his lack of discipline. She decides he needs some harsh training to break his spirit. She brings him out on a leash and forces him down onto the ground to lick her shoes till they are nice and shiny. But she knows he needs more than just humiliation to learn discipline. With her puppy on his back spread eagle on the ground, she grabs her riding crop and slaps his balls nice and hard while standing above him. Knowing she doesn’t want to completely destroy her pup’s balls, she sensually squeezes and teases his cock and balls until he is completely infatuated by his new owner. She proceeds to kick him in the balls and step on them, crushing them under her heels until he is barking and begging for mercy. When she is through she takes him out for a walk while kicking him the balls from behind!!!

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