Nyssa Breaks Her Attacker

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 118/mb

This pervert picked the wrong loft apartment to break into hoping to get lucky with a vulnerable woman. Mistress Nyssa is far from vulnerable. She has returned home from her office job, instantly subdues her attacker, and starts kicking him right where he is most vulnerable….his balls. At first his resolve is strong, even stripping to the nude. Nyssa delivers crushing blows to his balls in her high heeled shoes breaking his resolve and one of his testicles. She does not stop. There are hardly any breaks between her full force kicks that will stop at nothing but pop what this attacker once knew as his testicles. BALLBUSTING, HIGH HEELS, FOOT FETISH, RUPTURED TESTICLES, TESTICULAR DAMAGE, FEMALE DOMINATION, ASIAN FEMDOM

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