No Smoking by Gisela

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 94/mb

This guy promised to Gisela that he gave up smoking. Gisela gets in and find out he’s smoking in a hidden place. Ouch, he’s in big troubles, and his balls in danger!. What do you think a girl like Gisela is going to do to "help" him give up smoking? You probably guessed it: pain!, lots of pain, tons of pain for him and straight to his most sensitive part of him. When she kicks, she kicks your nuts up to the ceiling. And so she does to him. Hard stomping, hard kicking, Gisela also crushes his face under her boot soles, giving him no choice at all: she smashes her cigarretes one by one, stamping on his hands and crushing them hard, pulverizing cigarretes as well as his fingers stomping on them, so he gets the point.

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