Natasha and Selena Mixed Wrestling and Ballbusting Video

Clip Time: 18 Minutes Clip Size: 838/mb

Back by popular demand- Ballbusting Bombshells combines the genres of Ballbusting and Mixed Wrestling, with amazing results. We couldn’t have picked a better girl for this clip than Natasha- a true alpha-female, she is not only insanely hot but also incredibly strong and trained in MMA. Her all-natural body is an absolute freak of nature- just see the preview! In this clip, she manhandles the bb pet time and time again with a variety of chokeholds, arm bars, neck and head scissors, etc. with amazing skill and brutality- the bb pet is really suffering, and just when things can get any worse for him, Selena will stomp and/or knee his unprotected ball-sack! Definitely a must see!

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