Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 189/mb

After inviting her to a day at the beach, the boy next door asks her what SHE likes to do for fun. She teases him about spanking and whipping and tieing a boy up. He thought that sounded like fun, so he went inside with her into her basement. WHAT a mistake…She proceeds to whip this boy until red drops came out all over his skin, purple welts every where, and only the fact that they were in the basement kept the neighbors from calling the police. She spends a solid 15 minutes whipping this man so hard in so many ways. Did we mention she’s a weightlifter? He ends up a sobering, whimpering mess, drooling all over himself and and shivering all over in uncontrollable spasms.He never came back to see her again…SEVERE AND BRUTAL WHIPPING.

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