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As you know by now I am very callous and love ball busting. My slave is totally restrained to the cross, he can go no where, arms and legs fully restrained, all that is left is a savage kicking. You can see the fear in this little fuckers face, he knows what is coming next. I begin to kick his balls from all different angles, I verbally humiliate him. Even when he begs me to stop I don’t. I kick his swollen balls into his stomach. He is screaming like a pig for me to stop, begging me to stop- no I wont fucking stop. I will stop when I am ready to stop. I terrorize his cock and balls with some hardcore kicking and knee’s. I kick his body to make him realize he is dealing with a real Dominatrix. Why should I stop? I know when I will stop, and that is when he starts to cry and wither on the cross in tears begging me stop, even then I want to continue but I know he has had enough. Another ruthless heartless clip!! I don’t just tell you how brutal I am, I show you- I don’t lie like other stores…Mistress Elise xox

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