Jessica Gets a Great Job Full

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 282/mb

Jessica has a nice surprise for her boss. She went to HR and long story short, she is now his boss. Now he has to do what she wants with no questions asked. She gets her payback right away. He has to strop down and takes many more hard kicks to his balls. His balls are already sore and tender from what he received before the meeting. Now he will feel even more pain when she kicks him with her pointy pumps and when she knees him hard. She sits on the desk and tells sweetly tells him "I promise I won’t break your balls." He stands in front of her and puts his hand behind his back. She leans back and swings her pump into his sack as he holds his precious balls. After few more knees, a bit more verbal abuse, and she sends him to her old desk.

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