Hurting His Balls For Fun

Clip Time: 17 Minutes Clip Size: 714/mb

Jenna wants to show off her ballbusting skills on her slave. She invites over her two girlfriends Luna and Elle . As Luna and Elle have neither experienced or seen anything like this, Luna is completely all about it. Elle’s face looks shocked when she sees Jenna bring down her slave. Luna is feisty and all about it. But Jenna and Luna have to convince Elle to get up and try it for herself. Elle was very skeptical at first, but then she really started realizing how much fun it was. The slave’s balls were bright red from shot after shot. Jenna was teaching the girls how to kick hard. They really started to get the hang of it. The slave was in agony as the girls laughed and were now kicking him for their amusement. Jenna was landing some nice power shots. The slave kept crying out in pain and falling down to the ground but the girls didn’t want the fun to end and kept standing him back up.

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