Farewell Party for Your Balls: Starring Rachel and Gia

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 1196/mb

Rachel and Gia hit it out of the park in a triumphant return to Ballbusting Bombshells! Rachel needs no introduction to fans of this site- in my opinion, she is the best girl in the history of ballbusting bar none. In this clip, she does some great barefoot kicks, crushing knees, and ridiculous Grab Twist Pulls as is her trademark. Her new sidekick Gia is also on her A-Game, using her amazing long legs to inflict a number of great kicks and knees and even doing an incredible two-handed "GTP" that you guys just have to see! In this video, the girls have decided to "retire" the bb pets battered nut sack once and for all. What better to do- in the twisted world of Ballbusting Bombshells- than to hold a "Retirement" Party for his ball sack? Really, just watch the preview and it speaks for itself!

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