Do You Like My New Spiked Pumps?

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 95/mb

Goddess Shea received some new spiked pumps from a fan. They are closed toed with a six inch stiletto heel. Now what better way than to break in some new shoes than on a pain slut. Goddess Shea stomps all over her slave so he gets to feel what kind of torture her new heels can do. She digs the heels into his flesh and belly button. However, being the cbt lover that Goddess Shea is she spends most of her time digging her heels into his cock and squashing his balls beneath her soles. Do you like her new shoes pain slut? CBT, TRAMPLING, BALLBUSTING, SQUASHING, TESTICLES, TORTURE, BDSM, FEMDOM, CRUSHED BALLS

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