Crystal and Hannah’s Testicle Rupturing Contest

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 197/mb

Crystal and Hannah return in an original, unreleased BB Legends clips from their first shoot . For those bb legends fans who, like me, really like to see just unbridled enthusiasm for busting balls from the girls, this clip is for you! These 19 year old hotties seem to have been waiting their entire lives to smash a guys nuts, they are so eager and ruthless! Crystal and Hannah are real-life best friend who we recruited off facebook to bust balls, and they made the most of their opportunity. Crystal is a super athletic and powerful girl next door type beauty, who throws some powerful kicks and punches to the balls. Hannah is wild, busty, and beautiful, and she has the time of her life going after the bb pets battered nut sack ruthlessly. This clips is only 8 minutes long because they put the bb pet out of commission completely! Definitely a must see for all BB Legends fans!

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