Brutal Spiked Heel Ballbusting 1280×720 wmv

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 555/mb

Nothing like having a good slave boy to try out new pairs of shoes on. SPIKED HIGH HEELS. Miss Whitney Morgan slips on new pair of high heels and ankle boots – each COVERED in metal spikes. She signles her slave to brace himself up against the wall, in a corner, where he can’t run from pain and agony. She orders him to spread his legs open. Each hard kick into his cock and balls like she’s tenderizing meat. His entire sack lights up bright red from all of the punishment. Little red dopplets beging to form on his cock and balls – she keeps kicking, harder and harder, until the red splatters against the walls and they need to cut filming. Not that she wanted to… :D

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