Breaking DownTough Balls

Clip Time: 32 Minutes Clip Size: 1211/mb

The pretty and very sexy brunette with Leslee, her name is Miranda. She is just visiting here in Philadelphia from Spain where she has lived her whole life. She has the sexy accent and all! She has never done anything like this. How did she end up here? Long story. But she hates American men so she is very excited about getting a chance to hurt one. Then you have the fat slave there. Real tough guy. He thinks getting hits nuts kicked is going to be a cake walk. Barely flinches when they first start kicking him. Leslee hates tough guys. And with the help of Miranda they are going to break him down. Miranda and Leslee kick him repeatedly. Knees, and punches also. Leslee has that heavy foot that is much stronger than Miranda’s but

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