Break Room Ballbusting

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 343/mb

Dixie is project leader over a group of programmers designing a new social media app. She has been under a lot of stress due to the fact that one of her workers has been missing his deadlines due to "relationship problems at home"….or so he says…. Little does Jay know, Dixie spoke to his girlfriend and has been clued in on his lazy habits and procrastinating ways. She confronts her incompetent employee in the break room, calling him out on his lies and ready to fire him! Desperate, he pathetically begs Dixie that he’ll do anything to keep his job. Lucky for him, his girlfriend suggested to Dixie a punishment the two of them agreed suits the crime; that he deserves a hard ballbusting! Jay has no choice but to spread his legs and let his sexy boss deliver kick after kick to his testicles; completely humiliated as he becomes aroused from the punishment. Dixie makes sure he’ll never lie or miss a deadline again!

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