Bobbitt or Chop It II: Starring Mandi and Morgan

Clip Time: 14 Minutes Clip Size: 1027/mb

The newest sensation at Ballbusting Bombshells- the smokin’ hot and always sassy Mandi- returns to kick balls with a real life friend, the stunning and charismatic Morgan. Morgan as it turns out has quite the real life history of smashing guys in the balls just like Mandi does- so she took to ballbusting like she’s been doing it her entire life- which, oh wait, she has! In "Bobbitt or Chop-It" the stakes could not be higher for the ballbusting pet. The girls will get a total of ten knees and ten kicks apiece to his battered ball-sack….if he falls to the ground, they get the distinct pleasure of "Bobittizing" him with the hedge clippers, a prospect which seems to excite these sadists very much! Mandi has never looked hotter, having filled out her petite frame since she last shot with us, adding some spectacular "assets" if you catch my drift. Morgan is a very striking brunette with an awesome set of legs that are made for ball-kicking. The girls have such great chemistry, having a blast while blasting the bb pet’s balls time and time again!

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