Be Our Kick Bag!

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 253/mb

Goddess Amadahy, Cali carter, and Kenzie Taylor have a favorite method of staying in shape in the good old fashioned sport of testicle kicking! They try out all their best and most powerful kicks on your manhood and leave you a swollen mess on the floor beneathe you. You are nothing more then a kicking bag for them to pond and demolish and take out all of their daily stresses on. As you may have seen, Kenzie Taylor practices kickboxing and Muy Thai while Cali Carter has some seriously strong legs from the gym. As always Goddess Amadahy has some super powerful kicks and the three of them just overwhelm you with their superior power. Being a kick bag for these ladies is no easy job! But if you want them to get and shape and remain strong and sexy this is your best bet!

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