Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 73/mb

How this piece of sh*t has balls left is beyond me- if this slave looks familar to you, you will notice he has fucked me about in the past not showing up for shoots- this is the last clip I will ever produce with this man as he has let me down again, but boy I am glad I treated him the way I did in this clip. I bend him over the bench and kick his balls so hard he is floored quickly, I make him stand and kick his balls full force again sending him to the ground, he p*sses me off so much that I restrain his hands behind his back so he cant block my savage kicks any more, I stomp on his balls full force as I really try to castrate him, I explain to the camera that this is the luckiest man alive- well this would be the case if you love ball busting and want this to happen to you, I give him no time to recover and hurt him. I keep his legs spread and punch his balls full force, look at how big and distorted his balls are, he keeps saying sorry but I dont want to hear that bullshit, I want to hear screams and I want to hear his balls crunch as they explode due to my evil temper. I ask him if has experianced Evil like me before…he is stuck for words simply trying to breath…I want some feedback on this clip. If you bought the clip Horrifc then you will salivate over this, you will be pleasuring yourself over this for weeks to come, Mistress.Elise xox

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