Ballbusting Sisters

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 442/mb

Mistress Arella & Mistress Heelena are true sisters from the Czech Republic who are also professional dominatrixes. They love working together in the abuse of men and like nothing better than going out and picking guys up to bring home and abuse. Here we see them bring home a guy who can’t believe his luck at being ‘picked up’ by two gorgeous women and he is hoping that he is in for a real treat. When the girls ask him to strip naked he really thinks his luck is in, however this soon changes as Mistress Arella & Mistress Heelena start to sensually kick and knee him in the balls. They both kick him at the same time as well as individually and they also put a few slaps in as well. Mistress Arella squashes his balls with her knee and Mistress Heelena kicks him in the balls whilst Mistress Arella is sitting on his face. When they eventually tire of their amusement they throw him back out on the street naked and contemplate their next victim.

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