Ballbusting Homework

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 496/mb

Tanya has brought a guy home and his playing with his cock when she should be in classes. Her mum, Elise, walks in on them and is furious to see her daughter misbehaving in this way. Elise decides to give her daughter some homework lessons regarding the male species as she explains that men are only good for one thing and that is ballbusting. She then proceeds to kick the guy in the balls to show Tanya what she should be doing with a boys cock and balls. Elise then insists that her daughter learn to kick guys in the balls as well as inflict pain on them in other ways. They both then use this guy as their own personal torture toy. They kick and knee him in the balls hard and grab his cock and balls crushing them with their hands and twiting and pulling them. Elise grabs him by his balls and squeezez causing his balls to enlarge and then tells Tanya to hit them hard, which she does. They stand him between them and kick him in turns, one from behind and one from the front. They get him on his back and Elise squashes his balls with her feet and her knee. After inflicting considerable pain on his nuts Elise orders him out of the house naked and sits her daughter down to ensure that she will treat all guys like that in the future.

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