Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 216/mb

Princess Ivy was bored one afternoon, so she whipped up a fun new way to abuse her white slaveboys useless cock and balls. She places his testicles in between two pieces of see CLEAR SEE THRU PLEXIGLASS and then proceeds to walk all over them full weight til she squashes them flat as a pancake. She just loves watching his eyes pop out of his head in horror, as he looks down thru the clear plexi to see his genitals looking more like Pringles HAHA! What good are they to him anyways? Hell never be able to score a beautiful hot Asian babe like Princess Ivy, so better she just crushes the life out of them now and spare him from a life of misery, humiliation and embarrassment!. After all, that’s Princess job lol! And while shes doing the funky chicken on his testicles, she oh so casually texts her BFF to arrange their next trip to the mall for a shopping spree with her slaves hard earned cash. It is after all, her money, not his!

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