018 – Amazon Clip 2

Clip Time: 3 Minutes Clip Size: 14/mb

Barefoot ballbusting with the amazingly beautiful Roksana and her boyfriend. Wearing on a sexy short jungle outfit as in your wildest amazon girls fantasies, first she wears on golden sandals and later goes barefoot. She has fun with this man’s naked groin, ballbusting his exposed dangling jewels as if they were fruits hanging on a small tree and she could take them off with her hot stylish kicks and knees. She also grapes them and pulls them hard trying to tear them off, to no avail as she only crushes them, oops. She makes this man drool on her looking at this impressive pair of legs, so she can use it to her advantage and flatten his testes without resistance. In the middle length of this video, when you think this man can’t take any more kicks from her, Roksana even gets more imaginative and starts jumping to ….

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